# Brain Games Notes

  • Benefits - Boosts Memory
  • Brain exercises removes holes in gray cellls. No holes in gray cells found, which is good. Without holes, brains process the information faster
  • Social activities keeps the brain cell moving, which helps keep the gray cells in pink. Atleast once in a week, a social activity should be done. Online get-togethers helps too.
  • Simply sititing in a room and looking around helps, otherwise going to new places.
  • Choosing between a walk vs a brain game, choose walk, as that keeps the brain healthy.
  • Few games to try -> Latin Square - activates new regions, Path finder - improved thinking skills, Bubble Math - a number game. People who did number game did better for working memory, verbal reasoning, Word Worm - Improves attention, information processing, executive function(planning and decision-making) and short and long term memory.